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About Premium Complete Package Add-On

Vasyl MartyniukAbout 1 min

The Advanced Access Manageropen in new window comes with hundreds of features in the free version to cover many access and security management needs for small to medium size websites. However, Complete Package brings AAM to a new level with the arsenal of professional tools that satisfy 99% of all your access management needs at scale.

The main objective of the premium add-on is to simplify the access management process by reducing the number of access rules needed for any given role, user, or everybody altogether. It extends the AAM access inheritance mechanism by introducing several additional layers.

That is why you can do things like - define access controls to categories where all child posts automatically inherit settings from them. Or you can set up a wildcard rule for your entire website or just part of it. With the free AAM plugin, you would have to restrict access to each post or website URL one by one, and you'd be responsible for defining access for any new post or page your add in the future. With the premium, all this goes away.

We continuously expand the set of tools that the premium add-on includes. At the moment, the premium Complete Package incorporates features that we group as follows:

  • The "Content Access" contains a collection of features that allow you to manage access to your posts, pages, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and terms, post types, attachments, media library and CPTs (collectively called as content) for any role, user, visitors and everybody altogether.

  • The "Reference Based Access" contains the collection of features that manage access to your content or an entire website based on the user's IP address, physical location, referred website or query params (parameters included in the URL).

  • The "Role Hierarchy" extends the access inheritance mechanism and allows you to define a hierarchy or WordPress roles. This way, you can have a multi-level website access strategy where child roles inherit settings from parents.

Each section is packed with various use cases and explains in greater detail how to use premium features in the most efficient and effective way. However, if you have questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.