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Pay the initial $79 today and start using the license without limitations. You can use the premium Complete Package on up to 3 active domains without acquiring additional charges.

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Optional. By default, you can use the premium add-on on up to 3 different domains. You may choose to purchase additional domains upfront for $19.99 USD or pay as you go.
Optional. Enter a valid promo code to receive a discount on your today's total amount.
Total: $79.00 USD


By purchasing the premium add-on, you are initiating an annual subscription plan. The total amount due today is $79.00 USD for the first year. For the all subsequent years, the base price will be $49.00 USD.

You may cancel your subscription at any point in time and receive a full refund as explained in our refund policy. No strings attached.

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For more information about the terms, refer to the user agreement page.

Customer Information

Required. We use the provided email address for communication about your license key. You may change the email address at any point in time on the dedicated license page after purchase.
Optional. Occasionally, we may send some communication about your license key or critical announcements, so it is nice to use your preferred name rather than a generic 'Hello there...'
Optional. You typically provide a business name, address, and, if needed, tax-related information (e. g. VAT number). We include this information in each generated invoice.