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Understanding Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode feature

Vasyl MartyniukBackend AccessAbout 2 min

WordPress is a versatile and widely-used platform that allows website owners to customize their sites with plugins and themes. While this flexibility is fantastic, it can sometimes lead to a cluttered and overwhelming admin toolbar, especially when multiple plugins and themes add their menu items. Fortunately, there's a solution to declutter your WordPress admin toolbar and only display what's necessary for you and your users - the Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode.

AAM Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode

The challenge of a crowded toolbar

WordPress users often find themselves grappling with a crowded admin toolbar filled with various menu items, many of which may not be relevant or needed for their specific website needs. These menu items can include links to plugin settings, theme options, or other administrative tasks. While these menu items can be useful in some contexts, they can also create confusion and frustration for users who only need access to a limited set of functions.

Traditionally, users could manually filter out unnecessary items from the admin toolbar using the Toolbar service. However, this process required constant monitoring and adjustment, as new plugins or theme changes could introduce additional menu items. Even already active plugins or themes could add new toolbar items with updates, making the toolbar management a continuous hassle.

The solution

The "Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode" is a feature that addresses the challenge of a cluttered admin toolbar in WordPress. This feature comes as a part of the WordPress core, making it readily accessible to all users.

The primary goal of "Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode" is to simplify the admin toolbar by hiding all menu items by default and only showing those that you explicitly allow. This means that instead of manually filtering out unnecessary items, you start with a clean slate, and then you choose which menu items to display.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined User Experience. By showing only the essential menu items, "Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode" ensures a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for both administrators and site visitors. Users won't be overwhelmed with numerous options, making it easier for them to find what they need.

  • Reduced Confusion. With a simplified admin toolbar, there is less room for confusion or accidental clicks on irrelevant menu items. This helps prevent users from making unintended changes to their site settings.

  • Automatic Management. Unlike the manual filtering approach, "Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode" automatically handles new menu items introduced by activated plugins or theme updates. You won't have to constantly monitor and adjust the toolbar.


The "Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode" is a valuable feature for WordPress users seeking a cleaner and more efficient admin toolbar experience. By default, it hides all menu items, allowing users to selectively display only what they need.

This feature simplifies website management, reduces user confusion, and ensures that new plugins or theme updates won't clutter your toolbar. Embrace "Admin Toolbar Restricted Mode" to streamline your WordPress admin experience and enhance user satisfaction on your website.