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Manage access to WordPress files as scale

Vasyl MartyniukProtected FilesAbout 2 min

In the digital age, managing access to individual files on your website can quickly become a cumbersome task, especially when dealing with a large number of files. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to simplify this process. By grouping files into logical directories or custom taxonomies, you can establish access controls that apply to entire groups of files, making access management more straightforward and efficient. To implement these features, you'll need the premium Complete Package installed on your website.

Manage access by category

The "Complete Package" add-on introduces a valuable feature called Media Categories into the AAM (Advanced Access Manager) settings. Once enabled, you'll notice the addition of the "Categories" metabox when editing any media item.

WordPress Media Category Widget

This enhancement allows you to group your media items into categories and regulate access to these categories using the "Posts & Terms" service, rather than handling each individual file separately.

Media Category Access

Custom Taxonomies for Fine-Grained Control

AAM is designed to recognize all properly registered taxonomies. If you require more specific control over your media items, consider creating custom taxonomies and registering them with the WordPress core "attachment" post type. This empowers you to manage access to your media items through these custom taxonomies, providing an even more tailored approach to access control.

Manage access by directory

Sometimes, you may need to regulate access to all files within a specific directory on your website. This is where the "URL Access" service becomes indispensable. By defining wildcard rules, you can restrict access to all URLs that match a particular pattern.

For example, if you want to restrict direct access to all files residing in the /wp-content/uploads/courses/ directory, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "URI Access" tab.
  • Select the "Create New Rule".
  • Enter the URI /wp-content/uploads/courses/* and select the "Deny Access" option.

Restrict Access By Directory

Override bulk restrictions

Whether you choose to manage access through "Posts & Terms" or the "URI Access" service, AAM offers the flexibility to override restrictions on any file, sub-category, or sub-directory. This ensures that you retain control over individual access permissions when necessary.


Managing access to files on your website can be significantly streamlined and simplified with the help of Advanced Access Manager's Complete Package. By categorizing your media items or implementing directory-based access controls, you can enhance efficiency and maintain granular control over who can access your files. Whether you have a vast library of content or need to protect specific directories, AAM offers the tools you need to manage access with ease.