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Customize WordPress login experience

Vasyl MartyniukRedirectsAbout 2 min

Are you tired of the default WordPress login experience that redirects users to the backend of your website? Do you want to provide a more user-friendly and customized login experience for your website visitors? Look no further than the Access Manager (AAM) Login Redirect service. In this article, we'll explore the key features of the AAM Login Redirect service and how it can enhance the way users interact with your WordPress site.

AAM Login Redirect Service

Quick facts

Before we delve into the details, let's quickly go over some essential facts about the AAM Login Redirect service:

  • It's free. You won't have to reach for your wallet to access the full range of features offered by this service. It's completely free of charge, ensuring you can enhance your website's user experience without breaking the bank.

  • Customization options. AAM Login Redirect provides you with three distinct options to tailor the user experience for individuals who successfully log in to your website.

  • Role and user-specific customization. You have the flexibility to customize the login experience based on user roles or for an individual users.

  • Conditional customization. Utilizing the power of Access Policies, you can fine-tune the login experience by applying various conditions. This means you can create highly personalized login experiences that respond to specific scenarios.

Now that we've got the quick facts out of the way, let's dive deeper into why the AAM Login Redirect service is a game-changer for WordPress users.

Multiple redirect options

AAM understands that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to login redirection. Therefore, it provides three distinct redirect options to cater to different needs and scenarios:

  • Redirect to an Existing Page. This option empowers you to choose an existing page from your website to which users will be redirected after login. It's a straightforward way to ensure that users are directed to the specific location you want them to land on within your site.

  • Redirect to a URL. If you have a particular external URL in mind where you'd like users to be redirected post-login, AAM Login Redirect has you covered. Simply provide a valid URL, and WordPress core will handle the redirection. Keep in mind that the URL should typically belong to the same domain or fall under allowed domains. For further details, check out the What is a safe redirect in WordPress article.

  • Trigger a PHP Callback Function. For those who require advanced customization, AAM offers the option to trigger a custom PHP function after successful authentication. This allows you to create dynamic and highly customized login experiences tailored to your specific requirements.


With the AAM Login Redirect service, you can transform the way users interact with your WordPress website. Say goodbye to the default login experience and welcome a more user-friendly and personalized approach. Enhance your website's user experience today with the AAM Login Redirect service, and start reaping the benefits of a customized login process that aligns perfectly with your site's objectives.