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Vasyl MartyniukLess than 1 minute


apply_filters('aam_extract_jwt_filter', null, string $method);


Filter that allows managing a custom method to authenticate requests with a JWT token. The default JWT methods are well-documented on the service-jwt-bearer page. However, if neither satisfies your unique requirement, you can declare a custom method and use the aam_extract_jwt_filter to hook into the token extraction process.


In this example we show how to extract a JWT token from the HTTP POST request body.

add_filter('aam_extract_jwt_filter', function($token, $method) {
    if (empty($token) && ($method === 'post_body')) {
        $payload = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
        $token   = $payload['token'] ?? null;

    return $token;
}, 10, 2);