Framework Manager

Vasyl MartyniukLess than 1 minute

The framework manager is a single entry point to the framework. It is a class AAM_Framework_Manager that contains only static methods. These methods return an instance of the service you want to interact. At the moment, we offer only the Roles service and we take an iterative approach to convert the majority of the AAM functionality into new services.

class AAM_Framework_Manager {

    public static roles() : AAM_Framework_Service_Roles
    public static urls(AAM_Framework_Model_ServiceContext $runtime_context = null) : AAM_Framework_Service_Urls


The class automatically loads through PHP autoloader as long as you have the Advanced Access Manager plugin active.


Nothing stops you from bypassing the framework manager and instantiating an individual service directly. The only issue is that we cannot guarantee any backward compatibilities if we change any service's API in the near future. The framework manager guarantees backward compatibility.